Tachias Records

An independent record label offering Truth, Integrity and Grit to the music industry.


St Michaels BLVD Album © 2022 – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music – On Fire Productions
1 Monday Blues (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
2 Drive Til Midnight (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
3 Tear of Forgiveness (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
4 Personal Jesus (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Music
5 Heaven Sent (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Music/Songwriter
6 Rock the USA (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
7 Old Hat (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
8 Grace Like Rain (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
9 Outlaw Trail (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
10 Perfect Love (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
11 St. Michael’s BLVD (Clip)- Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music
12 Final Stand (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Music/Songwriter

God Guns & Guitars Album © 2022 – Jude R. Tachias – On Fire Productions
1 Pledge of Allegiance – Jude R. Tachias with Eastwood Tachias
2 Against The Wind (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias
3 Ain’t No Nice Guy (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias
4 Dee – Jude R. Tachias
5 Grace Like Rain (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias
6 Blind Faith (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias
7 Personal Jesus (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias
8 Little Guitars – Jude R. Tachias
9 Damn Good (Clip) Jude R. Tachias
10 Every Rose Has Its Thorns (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias
11 Wanted Dead or Alive (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias
12 Good, Bad and The Ugly – Jude R. Tachias
13 Grace Like Rain – Full Band (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias
14 Personal Jesus – Full Band (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias


Jude R. Tachias – Songwriter/Singer/Musician

Jude R. Tachias life and music career can be summed up into one word, Grit! Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM he started playing guitar at a young age and never stopped. In the beginning, he began to write songs that were simple and fun, but has since grown as a songwriter. His music now has a deeper message which can nourish the soul and bring the listener to tears of joy.

His debut record titled, “God, Guns & Guitars” released in January 2019, is a compilation of cover songs recorded on acoustic guitar. It had positive reviews with the track, “Personal Jesus” nominated for best cover song at the New Mexico Music Awards.

His follow up record titled, “St. Michaels Blvd.” released in the fall of 2020 is all original work written by Jude. He had two songs nominated at the New Mexico Music Awards with, “Outlaw Trail” and “Tears Of Forgiveness.”

This everyday blue collar guy has stayed true to his roots by hard work and discipline. To always keep it simple and stay with the basics of the trade. His strong belief in faith and writing songs on the acoustic guitar has been the corner stone of it all. He has come up short many times in the constant pursuit of pushing his music to the next level. That is why he has become a success. It is his uncompromising grit for not giving up on the dream. For the ongoing support, Jude would like to thank his family, friends and the fans; and also God, for always walking with him, in Jesus name.

Tachias Records
is an independent record label offering Truth, Integrity and Grit to the music industry.