© 2022– Jude R. Tachias

St. Michael’s Blvd.

11 St. Michael’s BLVD (Clip)- Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music

I was walking down this dark one way street.
When I noticed this approaching black limousine.
It came to a stop, tinted window rolled down.
A voice from within said, “Let me show you my town.”
I walk on over to get a better look.
A man in a red suit said, ”Hey l’ve got the hook.

Sin will cost you more than you wanted to pay.
Sin will keep you longer than you wanted to stay
Sin will take you further than you wanted to go.
Choose sin to suffer. Choose sin to loose your soul.

I get in the back seat with this distinguished man of wealth.
And a half dozen women with the spirit of jezebel.
He shakes his hand with a gold jewel diamond ring.
Asks, “What do you want I can give you anything.
Just look around I own it all.
The keys to the kingdom son, all you have to do is call.”

The path is wide with the temptations of this life.
That plays tug of war with the promise of paradise
With no regret I have to say my answer’s no
The journey will be long but I will never be alone
Its time to go with just my faith and my guitar
So drop me off at corner on St. Michael’s Blvd.


Perfect Love

Track 10 Perfect Love (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music

Put on the Armor of God
Neal at the alter of faith
Sing to the heavens, rejoice
With all His angels in praise

I want to be by your side
Able to seek out your face
Under protection divine
In all magnificent grac

Perfect love casts out fear
Born to rule 1000 years
Delivered me with no blame
As the Lord spoke my nam

The truth is always revealed
Your glory fills up this room
Believe you are the word
In preparing the way

Seeds of promise bring life
Eternal fruit of the soul
The golden harvest is here
Victory as foretold


Outlaw Trail

Track 9 Outlaw Trail (Clip) – Jude R. Tachias Singer/Songwriter/Music

Life on the outlaw trail
Got the devil by the tail
Put a notch on my gun
Hells where I’m going to run
Cause they want me to hang

Been on my own for most my life
Cards and whiskey are friends of mine
But trouble chased me along the way
Had to shoot a man in old Santa Fe
The deck was stacked it was plain to see
As the Dead Man’s Hand was delt to m

Get out of Dodge a fast I can
Sheriff yelled hey there’s our man
The posse gave chase throughout the night
To collect the bounty there’ll be a fight
Riding hard, riding like the wind
That’s where destiny meets a legend

There is no place I’d rather be
Like a wild stallion running free


© 2022 – Jude R. Tachias